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What We Do

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ECC has over thirty years of worldwide experience in energy contracts and energy markets. It assists clients in the following areas:

  1. Sale and Purchase of Products

ECC assists clients to negotiate contracts for the sale or purchase of the following energy products:

  • Pipeline gas
  • LNG
  • Hydrogen
  • Electricity
  • Crude Oil
  • Natural Gas Liquids/LPG

2. Capacity Reservation in Energy Facilities

We can help client negotiate access to capacity in energy facilities.

  • Gas pipelines

  • Oil pipelines

  • LNG import facilities
  • Production /Processing facilities
  • FPSOs

  • Power projects

  • Hydrogen production facilities

3. Expert Witness

ECC has extensive experience acting as expert witness in disputes in the energy industries including Arbitrations, Expert Hearings and court cases. ECC has acted in over 100 cases worldwide in recent years, covering both commercial and technical disputes.

4. Other Energy Agreements

We provide expert advice in the areas of contract negotiation, in particular upstream agreements such as JOAs, PSCs and tax-royalty contracts. This commercial expertise is supported by our project and portfolio analysis capability which provides the numerical support to clients’ decisions.

5. Training and Mentoring

ECC can provide training in many commercial aspects of Gas LNG Oil and Power and help guide and mentor junior member of staff.

6. Market Analysis

ECC can provide market studies and forecasts of Supply/Demand and Price for energy markets worldwide.

6. Due Diligence

If clients are planning the purchase of assets in the energy space, ECC can assist by modelling asset values and reviewing the key agreements involved, to identify areas which may cause potential loss of value.

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